How Early Legal Representation Protects You

Insurance companies and manufacturers send investigators to a site as a matter of routine business. Yet victims may not realize they need legal representation until much later, when evidence spoliation and other obstacles have arisen.

Protecting You From Spoliation Of Evidence

Unfortunately, the investigation into causation is often complicated by spoliation of evidence. After a fire or explosion, emergency medical personnel arrive at the scene to treat victims. Insurance companies may send representatives to gather evidence that supports their own defense or legal position. Local police and government agency officials may also investigate. Such a high volume of traffic to the site may alter or destroy the evidence.

Working With Experts To Strengthen Your Claim

With over 25 years of experience in explosion injury law, we have a network of experts that can interpret the complicated science of causation. If evidence has been destroyed, we also understand how to build a strong case that may result in a legal inference or presumption in our client’s favor.

Take Charge By Contacting An Experienced Explosion Injury Law Attorney

To learn more about the sizable settlements and financial outcomes we have obtained for explosion victims across the country, schedule a free consultation at our Des Moines office. We can be reached at 515-957-7439. You may also complete our online contact form.