Odorant And Odorization Warnings

In the aftermath of an explosion, it is important to investigate all potential theories of causation. The investigation should include alternative claims and all potential defendants. One potentially responsible party may be the manufacturer of the odorant added to the gas.

Odorants alert individuals of a potentially dangerous buildup of an invisible, odorless, and combustible substance. Yet like other products, odorants are not always immune from defects or other dangers that may pose a threat to consumers. If a residential consumer was injured in an early morning explosion, chances are that the victim may have a viable product liability claim.

Investigating Odorant Product Liability Claims

State product liability laws generally hold manufacturers accountable for defects that injure consumers in the normal use of the product. Significantly, the defect may take various forms. The dangerous flaw may be in the product’s design, manufacturing, or even in its marketing.

Although companies may run odorization tests, they may not adequately document variances. Not every individual may be sensitive to the odorant product. Needless to say, an odorant that is not detectable will not adequately warn of dangerous levels of gas. This is why products must come with warning labels, explaining potential dangers, including variances among consumers in the ordinary use of the product.

We are also familiar with industry expectations for adequate safety warning labeling. Some individuals may be desensitized to the odor. Yet gas may leak in expected places, such as through the soil or your home foundation. Companies should warn consumers of all of these risks.

Preserving The Evidence

Our law firm has over 25 years experience in the gas industry. We have spent years learning the chemistry of gas odorization. Given our background as previous legal counsel to an odorant company, we have national experience in this focused area of law. If there has been an explosion, we immediately get to work. We understand the best practices for preserving the evidence at the site, as well as facts to investigate a potential product liability claim.

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