Natural Gas And Propane Explosions

Natural gas and propane explosions typically cause serious injuries. Victims must attend to their injuries, which may include pain and suffering, disfigurement or disability, future care needs, and diminished wage-earning capacity.

Determining Causation

Without an attorney’s help, determining causation can be complicated. The investigation may uncover negligence or product liability at any step in the chain of events. A defective tank or valve may have caused the gas leak due to faulty design or manufacture. Detection measures, like odorants or alarms, may have failed to adequately warn of dangerous gas levels. Repair technicians may have improperly installed, inspected or maintained your appliances. Automatic shut-off features may have failed to turn off all potential ignition sources.

Pursuing All Theories Of Liability

There may also be multiple theories of liability. Perhaps an appliance, such as a furnace, was installed too close to a gas line. Perhaps a landlord failed to cap a gas line. Perhaps the appliance itself was incorrectly installed, or its gas valve malfunctioned.

Utilizing Creative Legal Strategies

After over 25 years working in explosion injury law, we understand the detailed investigative work that is required to prove negligence or a product liability defect. We also have the litigation and trial experience to find that approach that will yield the best outcome, whether that is mediation, informal negotiations, or going to trial.

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