Combustible Gas Detector Warnings

In our homes, we may use a variety of combustible gases for heating or cooking, including natural gas, propane, methane, or butane. Since these gases are odorless and invisible, we rely on a variety of product safety precautions, including odorants added to gases, safety valves, automatic shut-off features, and combustible gas detectors with audible alarms that can detect an array of gases.

An explosion might involve the failure of one or more of these safety measures. An individual desensitized to the odorant and unaware because of inadequate warning documentation would not smell the dangerous accumulation of gas. Alternatively, the odorant might have been removed from or never put in the gas. The detector may have failed to sound an alarm or trigger an automatic shut-off.

Maximizing Your Recovery For Serious And Catastrophic Injuries

If you were injured by a combustible gas explosion, you need an attorney to protect yourself, investigate the scene and explore all potential theories of liability. Gas explosions typically cause serious injuries and property damage. We have represented dozens of victims of combustible gas explosions, seeking maximum compensation against all responsible parties.

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