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For over 30 years, we have been working in fire and explosion liability claims. We are skilled trial advocates, with a litigation record approaching nearly 100 explosion cases. Our experience is also on both sides of the issue. That perspective allows us to provide comprehensive legal representation. We understand how to investigate an explosion site for all available legal options.

We are passionately dedicated to helping victims of explosions. Those who have lost the most are also often the most unprotected. Our law firm is dedicated to righting this injustice. We protect your legal rights so you only have to worry about attending to your injuries and losses.

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Attorney W. Michael Shinkle started his career defending a pipeline company from explosion liability claims involving the underground transport of propane through 11 states. In that role, he gained extensive experience, litigating nearly 100 explosion cases. Attorney W. Michael Shinkle‘s tough litigation style reflects all of the opposing counsel he went up against in those early years.

W. Michael Shinkle also served as legal counsel for a company that manufactured an odorant added to gas. An odorant serves to alert individuals of a buildup of gas. Consequently, he gained additional litigation experience in explosion claims alleging the odorant was defective and prevented the victims from detecting a dangerous level of gas.

Our focused work has not gone unnoticed. We have represented an explosion client in a public hearing convened by the National Transportation Safety Board. We drafted internal warning documentation utilized by an odorant company. We have also worked with numerous experts interpreting facts involving explosion analysis, causation and origin issues, and claims involving allegedly defective odorants or warnings.

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